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Even Santa Claus needs a little help when it comes to looking is very best!  HireSanta.com has handpicked some of the best Santa Claus Suits, accessories, beards and wigs to aide Santa in going from a guy in a red suit to a professional level (or at least a serious minded) Santa Claus.  

Your appearances and confidence will improve by looking great!  

3 Steps to Improving your Santa Claus appearance.

Step 1:  Choose a great Santa Claus suit!  The basic suit will get you a long way. We at HireSanta.com are partial to the Halco Majestic Santa Claus suit.  This is not a Santa Costume, but a professional level Santa Claus suit that will last many years if taken care of. It is a plush red velvet, lined with satin and trimmed with long, white faux fur.  There are other suits that will make you look and feel great and are listed on our Santa Claus Suit page.

Step 2:  Make sure that your beard is full and white. If you are a Real Bearded Santa Claus, make sure your beard and hair are as white as the snow.  Consult your hair care professional to help here.  If you are a traditional Santa Claus and need to put on a beard and wig, consider the very best Santa Claus Beard and Wig set, the Lacey 004YL.  It is made of 100% yak hair and has a separate mustache that is applied with spirit gum.  This gives you the look of having a real mustache.  The Lacey004YL set will need work to make it look good, but since it is made from real hair, it can be washed and styled just like your own hair, (please be careful when applying heat or products to a Yak beard and/or wig as you can damage it).  There are other less expensive Santa Claus Beards and Wigs and we also recommend a couple on our Santa Beard page.

Step 3:  Improve the basics.  When you get a Santa Suit, even the Halco Majestic Santa Claus Suit, it comes with cheap boot toppers or spats, and a belt that is only ok.  To take your Santa Suit to the next level and really wow them you can add a few things that will really help.  The first thing is buying a nice pair of Santa Boots. HireSanta.com offers the Halco Santa Boots and they are a huge improvement over the boot toppers that come with most Santa costumes and suits.  There are other wide calf Santa boots that can be found on the internet that will really impress.  Some Santa Clauses also find using real leather engineer style boots work well.  Next you will want to get a real leather Santa Belt and Buckle.  There are many great options here.  Find Santa Boots, Belt, Buckle, Glasses and other accessories on our Santa Suit page.

Oh, there is one other thing that will really improve your performance...Practice, Practice, Practice!  Don't forget to think about and practice what you are going to do and say during your appearance.  From how you are going to make your entrance, reading stories, answering questions, to how you make an exist, practice them all and you will impress!

Good Luck!  

Find the perfect Santa Suit, Santa Beard, and Santa Claus Belt.