Jobs @ is looking for Great Santa Clauses throughout the country.  If you are a professional Santa Claus and would like to be considered for inclusion in our database of Santas that we market.  Please fill out the form to the right.

Benefits to being a Santa:

  • No Cost to be included
  • You get Clients NOT leads
  • You benefit from our marketing
  • You benefit from our advertising
  • You benefit from our PR
  • You determine if you want to accept a gig
  • We encourage clients to tip their Santa

How we work:  Clients (individuals, agencies, casting directors, etc.) pay us a set fee upfront to connect them with a Santa Claus that can fill their need.  We then locate the perfect Santa for them and connect the client to Santa.  We ensure that the hand off is smooth and that both parties are happy.  The client pays the Santa Claus directly according to our guidelines and experience levels.

We have three levels of Santa Clauses, Professional Santa, Expert Santa, and Master Santa. Read more about our levels of Santa Experience here.

There is no cost to you!

To get started, please fill out the form to the right.

You can be added to our database in 3 ways:

1) Please go to and click on “Add Listing” then CLICK “Register New Account” as a new user. You can select the Free Account, please make sure to upload a picture. This will not only add you to our database, but also let you promote yourself online, at no cost to you. (we have just started moving our database to this site)

2) Email with your contact information, experience, and a picture. We will then manually add you to the database and create a listing on as time permits.

3) Fill out the Santa Claus Information Form below:

Santa Claus Inclusion Form:

Please fill out the form below to be added to our database of Professional Santa Clauses. We will then contact with you to get additional information if needed.

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