Balancing Your Holiday BudgetThe temperature is rapidly dropping, snow is beginning to fall, and the kids are getting excited for Santa Claus to arrive down the chimney with care. But the holiday season can be busy and expensive, and it’s easy to go overboard when planning holiday parties, buying Christmas presents, and finding the perfect Santa Claus performer for your upcoming event. Let’s dive into holiday budgeting to make things easier.

Holiday Expenses

First, start off your holiday budget with a list of known expenses. Your list may include gifts to buy, holiday cards, wrapping paper, travel expenses, charitable donations, decorations, and entertainment for events. Once everything is written down, you’ll have a better idea of your budget.

Most people ignore everything but gifts. Even if you’ve saved money for presents, what about the rest?

Spending Limits

Once you have your holiday expenses written down, you can decide on your spending limit for each category or as a whole. When considering a specific amount, be sure you have some set aside for an emergency, just in case.

Shopping List

If you have kids underfoot, then your shopping list for the holidays is likely bogged down with toy and game ideas. For everyone else, gift cards, wine, and various snacks or cheeses work well.

Either way, you’ll want some concrete ideas to make your holiday shopping trips a breeze. Plus, having a list while at the store keeps us focused and prevents overspending.

Holiday Entertainment

You want your holiday to be extra special. Everyone should remember that you threw the best party. But you’re also on a strict budget.

When it comes to the entertainment, consider a realistic Santa Claus. We know, that sounds expensive. However, you can find an authentic, affordable Santa Claus performance easily these days. There is a lot of talent out there.

For affordable, realistic Santa Claus performers, trust in Hire Santa to make this holiday season magical!

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