Leave These Holiday Foods Out for Santa ClausIt’s a holiday tradition for most households to leave out cookies and milk for Santa Claus. But some families like to mix things up. They enjoy baking fresh bread, maybe even biscuits for the reindeer, and a glass of lemonade instead of milk. After all, everyone’s holiday traditions are unique. You make them your own by adding a little bit of your own style. Now, Santa Claus does have his favorite foods, but you can always get him to try something new and exciting!

Holiday Foods for Santa Claus

Sure, you can stick with the most traditional evening snack of all time for Santa Claus – the classic milk and cookies – but what if you eat the chocolate chip cookies yourself? You know, put on a good Christmas movie, sit down on the couch, and munch on a few soft, chewy cookies before bed. What then?

Well, you can always leave something else, like:

  • Barley sugar sweets are a fantastic choice for when Santa Claus is feeling a little airsick. The same goes for strong peppermints, which can ease the stomach and keep him warm while traveling the world on a snowy Christmas Eve.
  • The traditional cookies, especially homemade, and a cold glass of iced tea, lemonade, or even milk.
  • A mug of hot chocolate or a bowl of punch – fruity flavors are definitely a plus.
  • A variety pack of chocolates.
  • You can’t forget the reindeer; perhaps a bundle of sweet meadow hay or a juicy red apple!

Or, you could always ask Santa Claus what his favorite foods are in person! You can hire a real bearded Santa Claus for your upcoming holiday party, birthday party, or office get-together by calling Hire Santa today. We make finding the perfect Santa Claus easier and more fun than ever before!

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