Favorite Christmas Jokes for KidsIf you ever have an opportunity to visit the North Pole or see Santa Claus out in the wild, then you know he loves to tell a good joke. Nothing makes Santa smile more than a holiday joke that is family-friendly and on-topic for the Christmas season. Whether you’re looking for a new joke to tell the family or want your kids to laugh a little more this holiday season, here are Santa’s favorite Christmas jokes!

Top Holiday Jokes

Everyone at the North Pole – Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves – enjoy a good joke. However, during the holiday season, everyone is busy making toys for the good girls and boys of the world. As such, jokes must be short and silly to really make an impact. In his spare time, Santa Claus has gathered a few of his favorite Christmas jokes that make him laugh heartily. Here they are!

  • What is green, covered with tinsel and goes “ribbet ribbet”?

A mistle- “toad”!

  • What did the grape say to the peanut butter?

“Tis the season to be jelly!”

  • What did the gingerbread man put on his bed?

A cookie sheet!

  • What kind of money do they use at the North Pole?

Cold cash!

  • Where do you keep a Christmas tree?

Between Christmas two and Christmas four!

As you can see, Santa Claus has a joyful sense of humor and absolutely adores silly jokes. These jokes are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, especially with the right person telling the punchline for everyone to hear!

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