Minnesota’s Best Real Bearded Santas For Hire

You live in Minnesota and know that everything is bigger and better here!

Well the Santa Clauses are too. Minnesota has some of the nation’s best Santa Claus for hire. HireSanta.com is glad to have many of them in our network of professional Santas. Some of the cities that you can have Santa Visit are listed to the right.

When you are looking to book Santa Claus for your Minnesota event, please keep the following in mind:

1) When is your event? If it is on a Saturday in December, you will need to book your Santa Claus impersonator early. Most great Santa Claus performers are booked many months in advance.

2) What are you looking for in a Santa? Do you just need Santa for pictures and to hand out gifts? Or do you need a Minnesota Santa Claus actor that can handle a large crowd and interact with people of all ages and backgrounds? Or are you looking to book a Santa Claus that can appear in commercial pictures or advertisements.

3) What is your budget? To have a professional Santa Claus come to your community event or company party, will usually cost between $100-$250 per hour in Minnesota. The range depends on location, day of event, experience of your Santa, and type of event.

Once you have answered these questions you are ready to Hire Santa Clause for your Minnesota sized event!

Real Bearded Santa Claus for Christmas Minnesota

With snow on the ground and presents under the tree, the only thing capable of making this Christmas more magical is a visit from a real bearded Santa Claus. Schedule your very own today and watch as your children’s eyes light up in wonder and amazement. From the very moment our Santa Claus steps through the door, you’ll find that no one can contain their joy. Not even grown adults can hide their wonder during the holiday season.

At Hire Santa, we work with the top Christmas entertainers in the entire country. It’s easy to find the perfect Santa Claus for your needs – no matter what they may be this holiday season. If you want an authentic, real bearded Santa Claus, complete with the jolly belly and booming voice, then we have the perfect entertainer in mind for your Christmas. Just give us a call today!

Hire or Rent a Santa Claus for Your Party in Minnesota

At Hire Santa, we provide the most realistic Santa Claus entertainers for a variety of parties throughout the year. From small get-togethers with friends and family to corporate holiday retreats, a real bearded Santa Claus can make the entire party come together. If you take a look through our site, you’ll find some of the most realistic Santa Claus performers available in the whole nation. Such performers are authentic in both appearance and presentation, ensuring even grown adults stare in wonder and amazement at their performance.

So, if the time has come to find the perfect Santa Claus for a party in Minnesota, look no further than Hire Santa. We have a broad selection of performers who are more than capable of stepping into the role. From mall openings to family parties, our real bearded Santa Claus in Minnesota is the perfect fit for your needs!

Let’s Make your Events Memorable!!!

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