HireSanta Background Check and Insurance

Hire Santa is pleased to be able to offer you background checks and insurance that will work for all of the retail stores, malls, and clients that Hire Santa has.  The Cost is similar to other places that you can get background checks and insurance.  But if you follow the links below Hire Santa will be able to monitor your progress and have access to your information much quicker.  This will reduce the amount of time and effort on your part as well as ours!

To get started please click on the Clearstar Logistics logo below. You will be taken to a new page for ScreenMeNow to complete your Background Check.   Once you have completed it, you will be need to come back to this page and apply for the insurance policy.




Hire Santa is pleased to offer to its Santas insurance services through Kaercher Campbell & Associates.  Please follow the link below to get the insurance that our clients require for this year:


If you have any questions please email Jenny@HireSanta.com 




Hire Santa