HireSanta Custom Playing Cards 2 Decks for $25 including Shipping


Custom HireSanta Santa Claus Playing Cards.  Here is the list of the Santas (and Mrs. Clauses) that are in this deck! Cost is 2 Decks for $25, use the Discount/Pomo Code CARDS at checkout to get the price $25 for 2 decks including shipping.

2 D         AL Santa Barry
3 D         TX Santa Crawford
4 D         FL Santa Doug
5 D         WI Santa Jeff
6 D         WA Santa Karl
7 D         WA Santa Mark
8 D         TX Santa Derrell
9 D         TX Santa Thomas
10 D IN Santa Tim
J D         TX Santa Kelly
Q D        NY Mrs. Claus Maura
K D         TX Mark and Debbie
A D         TX Santa Vince
2 C         VA Santa Ago
3 C         CA Santa Cortney
4 C         TX Santa Red
5 C         TN Santa Jay
6 C         AR Santa John
7 C         TN Santa Mark
8 C         TX Santa Rob
9 C         TX Santa Steven
10 C       IL Santa Fleet
J C         NJ Santa Doug
Q C        TX Mrs. Claus Margaret
K C         TX Santa JoJo
A C         MI Santa Michael
Joker     Elf Mitch and Santa Felix

2 H         TX Santa Bill
3 H         TX Santa Charles
4 H         GA Santa Derek
5 H         MD Santa Howard
6 H         TX Santa Joe
7 H         MA Santa Lou
8 H         TX Santa Ric
9 H         OK Santa Scott
10 H CA Santa Tom
J H         TX Santa Bill
Q H        TX  Mrs. Claus Darla
K H         TX  Ernie and Angela
A H         MI Santa Randyl

2 S          CO Santa Mark
3 S          MA Santa Bill
4 S          VA Santa Daniel
5 S          TX  Santa Doug
6 S          OK Santa Jim
7 S          TX Santa Kent
8 S          MN Santa Randy
9 S          AZ Santa Russ
10 S       TX Santa Thomas
J S          CA Santa Tru
Q S         UT Travis & Cathy
K S          TX Santa David
A S         WA Santa Jim
Joker     Snowman Jeremy



Santa Claus playing cards. A different Santa on each card, 52 professional Santa Entertainers.  This order is for TWO (2) decks and includes shipping.  Please use CARDS as the Discount/Promo code at checkout to get the total price of $25 for TWO decks including shipping.



Hire Santa