The Cost to Hire a Santa Claus EntertainerA professional Santa Claus with a real beard and authentic costume is usually worth every penny when you’re planning your next big holiday party. Children especially love the authenticity of a real beard Santa Claus nearby. You, however, are more worried about the budget – less so on whether Santa can sing or tell stories adequately. If you’re planning your holiday party budget, which we highly recommend, then consider the cost of hiring an entertainer to play Santa Claus.

Average Cost of a Santa Claus Performer

It’s tough to nail down an exact average when hiring a Santa Claus performer. Why? Because there are so many factors at play, including region, costume, experience, and venue. For now, let’s look at the national average, which is still quite a broad range.

You can expect to pay between $150 and $300 an hour for a professional Santa, depending on location, services, and quality. Of course, that’s not a firm amount. You may get lucky and find a performer willing to cut you a deal.

A real bearded Santa Claus generally charges more because of their high level of authenticity. You’ll get your money’s worth and then some. Most will perform home visits, Christmas carols, hand out presents, tell stories, joke with the kids, and even do commercial appearances for big-budget productions or mall openings.

Cost Factors

As we said, there are many cost factors that go into to a real bearded Santa Claus’ hourly price. For instance, their travel time will make a huge difference in cost. If you’re scheduling a performer during the holiday season – the busiest time of the year – and they are 100 miles away, you’ll likely pay more.

Then, the cost of authenticity, quality, additional services and characters, and more must all be factored into the total price.

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