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HireSanta.com is the industry’s leading provider of real bearded, back ground checked, and insured Santa Claus entertainers. HireSanta works with the very best Santa Claus entertainers around the world.  Please fill out the form on this page and we will find the perfect Santa Claus entertainer for your event, promotion, or home visit.  From a home visit to TV Commercials to Movies and print advertisements, HireSanta.com has a real bearded Santa Claus that is sure to WOW!

Hire Real Santa Claus Hire Real Santa Claus Hire Real Santa Claus

“Santa did an absolutely amazing job. He not only had all the kids mesmerized, but the parents as well.”
“He was PERFECT!!  The special time he spent with each child individually created lifelong memories for not only the child but each parent as well.”
“Every single employee and parent that we spoke to at the event had many positive things to say about Santa Claus. Many of them said you were the best Santa they have ever seen or worked with.”
“We will definitely look forward to using HireSanta.com’s services in the future and we won’t hesitate to recommend you to other organizations.”
“Many people approached me that night, and even the next day at another event, to tell me how GREAT he was. We’d love to use HireSanta.com again next year. Truly a Merry and Beautiful Santa Claus!”

Hiring Santa Claus has never been easier.  There are many great Santa Clauses in the country and HireSanta has the best!  Our Santas have a bigger than life appearance and personality that convey the spirit of Christmas in person, print and film. They have appeared in front of large groups and communities, on TV, at hospitals, in magazines, promotional videos for large companies, and home visits. Santa’s schedule fills up quickly, sometimes by summer so don’t delay and contact HireSanta today to book the perfect Santa Claus for your holiday event.

Hire Real Santa Hire Real Santa









If you’re an agency looking for an amazing Santa Claus, be sure to check out our Santa Clause talent agency page

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